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Getting Started In Sex Addicts Anonymous – A beginner’s packet for recovering sex addicts

As newcomers we let go of shaming secrets and broke out of isolation – Connections with other recovering addicts, including a sponsor, assisted us in getting a sense of the pattern involved in our addictive sexual behavior. Read More >>

Sex Addicts Anonymous – A Pathway to Recovery

As sex addicts who have found a solution, we offer a message of hope to all who suffer from sex addiction. This pamphlet is an invitation to recovery for anyone who believes that he or she may be experiencing the same problem that we have faced. Read More >>


Abstinence in SAA means not acting-out achieved through the support of working a program of recovery. We suggest you consider acting-out to be any sexual behavior which is abusive, high-risk, painful, costly, or compulsive. Read More >>

The Bubble – A Metaphor for Addictive Sexual Behavior

Being hit with the obsession to act out is like being engulfed in the bubble. We are powerless and carried away by the all-encompassing power of our compulsions. Read More >>

First Step To Recovery – A guide to working the First Step

Many of us struggle and would like to introduce ourselves in some ‘prettier,’ more affirming way than ‘I’m a sex addict,’ but we find that we need to face that reality daily lest we deceive ourselves into believing that we somehow can manage on our own. Read More >>

Getting a Sponsor

Whether we’re just coming into the SAA fellowship or have been here awhile, we realize we cannot stop our sexual addiction by our own unaided efforts. Many of us knew it before we came in. We all need help. Read More >>

Sexual Sobriety and the Internet

Coming into the fellowship of SAA, we began hearing stories of people who had found a solution to their sexually addictive use of the Internet. Read More >>

Three Circles – Defining Sexual Sobriety in SAA

Ultimately, our definition of sobriety is our own, but if we define our own program of recovery in isolation, our self-made programs may deceive us, becoming too loose or too restrictive. Read More >>

Tools of Recovery – A Practical Guide for New Members of SAA

Most of us had to have some distance from acting out before we could get a clearer picture of the seriousness of our condition. The purpose of this booklet is to describe some of the tools that have supported our efforts toward abstinence and helped us get through the rough times when we wanted to act out sexually. Read More >>



Bay Area SAA Contact Us

Bay Area SAA newcomer phone lines and email addresses allow your client to discuss one-on-one about the SAA program including basic information about the 12-Steps, how to attend a zoom or phone meeting and what to expect when they get there. The confidential conversation can also walk your client through how to find a meeting. Often, your client can hear first-hand about the experience, strength, and hope SAA offers. Your client can also find information about how to get a sponsor.
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